Pub Poetics, Alan Bunde, Milwaukee Breweries: The Poem

A bounty of microbrews have reached full fermentation in Milwaukee 2016. If a doubt lingered about what city is the beer mecca, the new brews on the scene have put those doubts to rest. 

You shouldn’t have had a hard time convincing your relatives to come to MKE anyway, so I’m sure you’re scratching your head about what to get into on the night before Christmas eve. If you can decipher these heartfelt lines of beer soaked poetry from long time home brewer, and self-proclaimed Ambassador of Beer, Alan Bunde, you’ll have a written treasure map to swilling delight.

A Toast to Milwaukee Micro Breweries 2016

BAVARIAN BIERHAUS, Glendale blitzkrieg
BIG HEAD, small space, Wauwatosa, State St.
BILOBA is expanding it’s Brookfield presence
BLACK HUSKY now on Locust St., Riverwest

BRENNER, brewing art studio, Walkers Point
Coming to Menomonee Valley CITY LIGHTS
COMPANY BREWING, was Onopa, Stonefly

DISTRICT 14 located off KK on South Howell
ENLIGHTENED another startup in Bay View
New Southridge Mall Brewpub EXPLORIUM
Hwy 60, Cedarburg, THE FERMENTORIUM

In old Crank Daddy, on Farwell, GOOD CITY
MILW. BREWING Second St., an offshoot of
MILW. ALE HOUSE, a Third Ward Brewpub

MOBCRAFT on West Virginia, Conejito’s block
PABST planning complex brewpub comeback
RAISED GRAIN, Waukesha, Bluemound Rd.
RIVERSIDE brewpub on Main St. West Bend

ROCK BOTTOM is downtown on Plankinton
SILVER CREEK Cedarburg old mill building
SPRECHER BREWERY fortified in Glendale

THIRD SPACE, West St. Paul in old factory
URBAN HARVEST on the south side, 5th St.
WATER STREET is established beyond downtown
Soon West Allis brew saloon WESTALLION

Did you make it?

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