Sit Modern, Walker’s Point, BC Modern

Stylish and aged Italianate architecture lines 5th Street, an element that allows this backwater strip to keep any shred of its historic charm. Although this part of Walker’s Point now finds itself more done-up into high maintenance redevelopment by the day, the craggy corners hang on.

Faded murals commemorate the recent disappearance of old standbys like La Perla, diffusing further into these antique buildings’ weathered exterior sidewalls with each elapsing minute. Up and down this storied stretch, goods and food stuffs of all sorts still peek out of bay windows groping the sidewalk, tempting passers by to pass some time exploring.

Nook Picked

Mid-century modern definitively took over 21st century design sensibilities and BC Modern has its own take on the in-demand trend. Nestled in this streetscape, from the outside BC Modern looks like your run-of-the-mill vintage general resale store. Eric Lewis, BC Modern’s shop keeper and curator, has found a mixture somewhere between mid-century and Americana that soothes the senses wanting for the aesthetics of both.

Thoughtfully staged groupings of social and family living and dining sets get accented by humbly elegant and period matching homewares. Eric is a self proclaimed picker and good at it. He also picks collaborators just as well.

Finds Abound

Scanning about the shop, overtaken by the variety of items, you’ll spot adventures like a well-aged vinyl section, and vintage clothing, coats and jackets, and nick-knacks and chotchkies of assorted randomness. Entering the ‘Material Era’ of the ’80’s, which can be credited with adding new consumerist flavor to this American trinket making tradition, causes BC Modern no concern. If you’re into vintage resale shopping, wherever era you’re into, BC Modern can hold your interest and will likely have you parting with a few bucks for a few unique items.

BC Modern started in a windowless warehouse buying and selling vintage furnishings and now calls a prime storefront at at 900 South 5th Street home. BC Modern’s official hours are 12:00p – 5:00p on Saturday and Sunday or by appointment.

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