Lasting Impression, Lost Letters, Luxi

She’s on her second long-play and fly as ever. Milwaukee’s own Luxi dropped Lost Letters last November. Her sound brings dreamy, synthy, mod-y all together with a cool intensity despite its down tempo pitch.

Check this clip of Luxi doing the honors for Buhu Band and Dramatic Lovers at Cactus Club back in October, a dry run for the release of her latest batch of waveforms.

Not really knowing who she was, I ran across Luxi at Milwaukee Makers Market last summer hawking presses of her 2017 release Geometric Universe and some diy up-cycled gear branded Wicked Alley.

She was all cagey but in a cool way. After spinning the album, I’m a little mad at Luxi for helping feed my addiction for new presses of sounds from synth’s extended family.

On a separate musical excursion, I came across Molly Nilsson who happens to be sharing a poster with Luxi tomorrow night at Ivy House. I had to do a double take, and run through my bandcamp following list to make sure I wasn’t crazy. Nilsson, a German-born artist, keeps the gentle and dreamy synth spectrum vibrating.

With like 12 releases, a video game, and the ability to thrown in with sneaky good international artist bookings, Luxi can do what ever the funk she wants.

Molly Nilsson (Germany) with Apostille (UK) and Luxi goes down tomorrow at Ivy House, $12 a the door.

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