Post-Hip, The Cure vs. The Smiths, Mad Planet

Dark and eclectic, Mad Planet did its usual service providing temporary abode to wayward fun-seekers, freak flags waving. Everything from sport coats to jeggings were barely visible between the dim-dive ambiance and the shocking zips of colored light emitting from the dance floor laser effects. Personally partial to The Cure's earlier sounds, dance-synth and saxophone... Continue Reading →

A Foggy Mist, Westown, Riverwalk

As if the this season wasn't strange enough weather-wise, our extra winter leap day was clad in fog. The dense vapor gave the Riverwalk at Mason Street an awe inspiring haze, as the bridge engineers do their duty tiny compared to the raised platform. On the way down Wells, towards that great triangle shaped area... Continue Reading →

Last Reel, Times Cinema

A buzz always hits the entertainment world around this time of year, the Academy of Motion Picture Art and Science rolls out the Red Carpet for the A-listers to shimmer, pop culture mavens to swoon, and buffs to admire from afar. This year a solemn hum vibrates the Milwaukee art news, as the Times Cinema,... Continue Reading →

Gallery Night Fall 2011, Studio Lounge

Exposed brick, some wood and some nails, the art tied it all together. Three years ago BYO Studio had the essentials: space, location and passionate people. Today the Studio Lounge fills any expectation an interesting person may have for an interesting place to go. With vintage furnishings, custom made fixtures and highly flexible interior design... Continue Reading →

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