The Old Board Room, Central Library

Engraved details in wood accented the crown molding framing the room from the ceiling down. Chairs held together by the original wood fibers surround a larger rectangular table warmed one time by a oversized fire place. Ferry & Clas designed the Central Library from the outside in, including the furniture. Formal enough for public meetingsContinue reading “The Old Board Room, Central Library”

The Rotunda Within, Central Library

Little do most people know that the Rotunda seen from the exterior of the Central Library, only protects the Rotunda seen from inside the Central Library main foyer (remember the building’s original blueprints were destroyed). Not entirely enthusiastic about changing the inner rotunda light bulbs during the winter months, in the 1920’s a few employeesContinue reading “The Rotunda Within, Central Library”

The Green Roof, Central Library

In 1957 the library expanded the original Library building to span the entire block between Wisconsin and Wells Streets. By 1986, the roof on the Library Expansion needed a replacement. When time came due for maintenance again 2009, the Library received $1 million of support from the City and an additional half million dollars ofContinue reading “The Green Roof, Central Library”

The Museum Director’s Office, Central Library

Since the Central Library once held the Public Museum, deep in the upper floors of the 4th floor had a mysterious Director who’s office shared a hall way with the Taxidermy room. Not all the specimens felt the hands of anthropologists preserving their final action pose. The Director’s Office adopted Simba the “lion” cub asContinue reading “The Museum Director’s Office, Central Library”

A Gem, Doors Open, The Central Library

Hidden within the astute renaissance facade of the Central Library, the people that walked those halls, past and present, exude as much character as the marble railings and bound books they house. Doors Open Milwaukee let us peer into the the windows of the past of kept open by the Central Library structure’s detailed building-craftContinue reading “A Gem, Doors Open, The Central Library”