Ascension into the Fiction, The Skrauss

Cloaked and vaporous social commentary of unprecedented proportion masqueraded as wackiness in one of the best art installations of the year. Tremendous effort went into putting together The Skrauss’ latest exhibition Ascension into the Fiction at UWM Innova 3 Gallery. An illustrator and painters by training The Skrauss has more recently taken a dive ofContinue reading “Ascension into the Fiction, The Skrauss”

Coughing and Such, Jackpot Gallery, Nicotine Bliss

I’ll never get used to the receding daylight suffered by fall changing to winter. The premature darkness did allow the new inhabitants of Truly Spoken’s old space to feature their fine vintage replacement framed window glass under studio lighting. There’s a market around here for that huh? That’s the kind ingenuity you expect to seeContinue reading “Coughing and Such, Jackpot Gallery, Nicotine Bliss”

In Bloom, Reincarnation, Nadia Smale

It’s her first, but highly unlikely that it’s her last. Nadia Smale has an art show coming up at Orcanine Abbey this Friday night titled Reincarnation. ¬†She has moxie and a proclivity for making cool stuff, as all artists do, with an eye for aesthetic and guts to take chances. How can you blame her?Continue reading “In Bloom, Reincarnation, Nadia Smale”

Tasting Grit, Tap the Potential, Jeff LaDow

Aircraft routinely claim the distinction of the only ones taking off at General Mitchell International Airport. Recently at Mitchell International, Tap the Potential lifted awareness of people that defy the laws of social gravity. Tap the Potential is a month long initiative of Milwaukee Public Theatre¬†to give a platform to those that constantly face societalContinue reading “Tasting Grit, Tap the Potential, Jeff LaDow”

Secret Lover, Unpop Art Show, Orcanine Abbey

People trickle in and out of Orcanine Abbey‘s most recent open studio, checking out Rachel Sutter-Smith‘s set of provocative illustrations depicting personages both fantastic and realistic; conceivably a few self-portraits delving into the depths of her own inner most spaces. A dude listlessly sits in an a brown high back chair waiting for what’s next.Continue reading “Secret Lover, Unpop Art Show, Orcanine Abbey”