Outer Inspirations, Milw Alt, Gallery Nights

Two weeks ago I see this unruly event message from Milwaukee Alt about some month long gallery night. I go, miss mostly everything and have a great time anyway enjoying the wake of making. The taste that making makes, matters, it might not fit every flavor. In the glut of creativity Milwaukee produces these days,Continue reading “Outer Inspirations, Milw Alt, Gallery Nights”

The Dumb Over, Orcanine Abbey

Moving over dumb, Orcanine Alley, henceforth known as Orcanine Abbey, joined the motley gang supporting sell-outs, out-of-space pickers and desperate exhibitionist. In slacker-esque form, after Spring Gallery Night 2012 wrapped-up, Orcanine Abbey opened up dimly to launch its contribution to the mash-up Milwaukee’s art scene has coagulated. Cool Art Please Visually, varied and meticulous renditionsContinue reading “The Dumb Over, Orcanine Abbey”

Going Once, Leslie Hindman Auctioneers

Mason Street storefronts got a new neighbor last September, and that neighbor has a little moxie too. Just a door down from the Delind Gallery of Fine Art, Leslie Hindman Auctioneers stage vintage, couture and fine art for auction. Prepping for the Summer auction season, Leslie Hindman Auctioneers hosted an opening reception last Saturday andContinue reading “Going Once, Leslie Hindman Auctioneers”

Bronze Age 2.0, Vanguard Sculpture Services, Gallery Night Winter 2012

Glancing out the window while commuting down 35th Street, in the 30th Street Industrial Corridor, you might imagine yourself a red blood cell floating through plaque crusted arteries. The decay of weathered brick one-story machine shops, once churning with activity, appear largely abandoned and vacant. Some shops are now schools or churches, some shops maintainedContinue reading “Bronze Age 2.0, Vanguard Sculpture Services, Gallery Night Winter 2012”

The Portrait Society Gallery, Giotto’s Eyes, Jean Roberts Guequierre

Getting on the elevator, I dodge a man dressed in chef’s garb pushing an overloaded cart of kitchen wares headed for Chin’s Restaurant. Journeying through the Third Ward’s Marshall Building up five floors to the Portrait Society Gallery space, you realize that part of enjoying any art destination comes with the trip there. Places thatContinue reading “The Portrait Society Gallery, Giotto’s Eyes, Jean Roberts Guequierre”