Barbecue Exclusive, Local Trolley T-Bone Steak

Two months separate cook-out enthusiasts from the next opportune Holiday, but surely in Milwaukee another reason to strike up the grill materializes in the meantime. By then, you will be ready for something other than burgers and brats so you can take this T-Bone Steak recipe for a whirl, Local Trolley’s version of the mid-south classic vinegar-based sauce.

Local Trolley Grilled T-Bone Steak

Local Trolley Sauce
Slathering a favorite BBQ sauce atop and searing the meat of choice is one way to get from prep to plate. Even if you’re not vegan, you should find that preparation disrespectful to a good cut of Steak. Steak deserves pampering and stately treatment before you devour it. Invented over Independence Day 2011, the Local Trolley Sauce recipe makes two T-Bone Steaks.

Combine in a large metal bowl:
8 oz of Apple Cider Vinegar
5 Tbsp (heaped) of garlic pepper
5 Tbsp (heaped) of Old Bay Seasoning (found in most spice isles of the grocery store)
4 Tbsp of your favorite BBQ sauce (optional)

The sauce will be a pretty deep red and very liquidy. Stir and agitate, mixing well all the ingredients and set aside.

The T-Bone Steak
T-Bone, the great upper mid-grade beef cut, has a thick cut and a nice fat trim. Remember that the fat generates the flavor of the meat. Look for a cut with a generous fat trim around the edges and fat marbled within the meat. This is a cookout not North Shore Bistro.

Prepping the T-Bone:
Shake the garlic pepper 12 inches above the T-Bone to create an ample, but reasonable, even dusting over the surface of the meat. Repeat this process with the Old Bay Seasoning. After both seasonings cover side one of the T-Bone, firmly message in the seasonings into the loins. Flip and repeat dusting and message of side two of the T-bone.

T-Bone meets Local Trolley Sauce
Bathe the seasoned and messaged T-Bone in the metal bowl filled with Local Trolley Sauce. Place T-Bone in a large heavy-duty freezer bag and pour the remaining Local Trolley Sauce in the freezer bag with the T-Bone. Seal and refrigerate for at least 24 hours. If you make two T-Bones you may want to jostle or turn the freezer bag at least once so that both steaks get equal amounts of time submerged in the marinade.

Grills are Hot
The day of your cookout get your grill going, charcoal or gas. For charcoal grills, build up coal on one side of the grill so that you create a high heat and lower heat zone. For gas grills set your gauges so that the flame is medium low. The idea for barbecuing the Local Trolley T-Bone is to cook it long, slow and well-done over medium low indirect heat.

Once the charcoal is ready usually about 20 minutes, place the T-Bone on the low heat portion of the grill, close and let cook, turning the T-Bone every 20 minutes until charring the fat trim. For gas grills, the warming rack is a good place to give the T-Bone the required dosage of indirect heat. Place T-Bone on the warming rack and turn every 30 minutes until charring the fat trim. Drizzling excess Local Trolley Sauce on the steaks periodically will help you keep and eye on them.

The bone of the T-Bone should begin pulling away from the steak’s loin when it’s ready. Slap the steaks down on a plate, let cool, for however long you can resist, and start hacking chunks of meat. You’ll want this meal for breakfast lunch or dinner.


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