Pt. 5, ExFabula, Tom Crawford a Thankful Trim

Grown Out, Up

No other social function of hair exists that intrigues as much as rebellion. The central character in the Terminal Milwaukee series Tom Crawford has, among other conspicuous features of his appearance, a flop of bushy wavy mane draping over his forehead nearly covering his glasses. During those days post the decade of civil unrest, the afterglow of hippiedom still prevailed for sometime before spiraling into garage rock, which all affected post-hoc the overgrowth of Crawford’s mop of hair and his strained relationship with his father.

At the breaking point all parents reach with their kids, Crawford’s mother exasperatingly urged him to ask his father, who had barbering in his survival tool belt of occupations, to cut is god-forsaken hair. When approached with the task Crawford recalls his father growling in an authentic Scottish accent, “The lawnmower is broken”. Of course, his father agreed to the hair intervention and, although receiving the uncoolest haircut of all-time, in a moment humbled by a parent’s patience, Crawford sincerely thanked his father.

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