Pulse Hard, adoptahighway, 414Melt

Suddenly tons of stand-up basses have rumbled on the Milwaukee music scene. Notably, Thistletown Thunders and Calamity Janes, Jaems Murphey's Vedic Eden, and The Flood offer the bass's ruminating thuds in bluegrass dialect. Add to that list Barry Paul Clark. Fluent in Jazz and electric composition, Clark fused both as his super alter-ego adoptahighway at... Continue Reading →

Colt 414, Horseforce, 414Melt

Showcasing for 414MELT, Horseforce spews dissonant sound concepts evading any accurate classification besides rocking. Carrying a persona projecting beyond his name, Horseforce embodies the performance aspect of electronic music rarely acknowledged by critics.It's not necessarily easy on the ears, I'd compare it to anchovies on Caesar salad, a matter of taste. One thing you can't... Continue Reading →

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