Oven Art, ProStart, HeartLove Place

They say "home is where the heart is" and "food is the way to the heart", if these pillars of coventional wisdom prove true HeartLove Place has a good thing going. A community organization fulfilling their congregation's calling for Christian ministry, HeartLove Place teaches aspiring chefs how to feed their appetite for culinary knowledge, while... Continue Reading →

Going Once, Leslie Hindman Auctioneers

Mason Street storefronts got a new neighbor last September, and that neighbor has a little moxie too. Just a door down from the Delind Gallery of Fine Art, Leslie Hindman Auctioneers stage vintage, couture and fine art for auction. Prepping for the Summer auction season, Leslie Hindman Auctioneers hosted an opening reception last Saturday and... Continue Reading →

Life of a Dive, Lo Cash Live

It hangs out on a block best known for the grizzly working-class pub¬†Steny's, smushed-up next to Fat Daddy's. Making use of the sign design made famous by Southern used car lots, coin-sized dots spell "Lo Cash", ¬†shimmering flecks of silvery sunlight off the side of the building. The interior decor although not brand-spanking new has... Continue Reading →

Political Reason, New Blood, Stamper II, Buckner

It's election day for Milwaukee Alders, County Supervisors and other government offices, plus there's a primary for the Republican candidate for the political office, terribly acronym-ed POTUS. Although I'm not and don't care to be a source for political commentary, two candidates for Milwaukee County Supervisor today are worth noting both for their youth and... Continue Reading →

Post-Hip, The Cure vs. The Smiths, Mad Planet

Dark and eclectic, Mad Planet did its usual service providing temporary abode to wayward fun-seekers, freak flags waving. Everything from sport coats to jeggings were barely visible between the dim-dive ambiance and the shocking zips of colored light emitting from the dance floor laser effects. Personally partial to The Cure's earlier sounds, dance-synth and saxophone... Continue Reading →

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